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LGM was birthed from a desire to come alongside young adults with guidance and opportunities to grow and mature into healthy and successful men and women - even future leaders. If we all just give a little - a little time, a little encouragement, a unique skill or talent - together, we can offer hope to young adults who simply lack opportunity and connection with someone who cares.

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Use your trade skills, expertise, hobbies, connections, heart … and become a mentor, teacher and friend to a young adult. Together, we can offer HOPE to this next generation.

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Are you eager to live a meaningful and purposeful life, but just lack knowledge, skills and/or opportunity for the next step? We'd like to share with you some great resources to check into! Click "Learn More" below.

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Lion's Gate is a Family Ministry ... and MORE!

Rob and Debra Cruver were married in 1990. For nearly 30 years, they have shared their hearts and home with many young people who affectionately call them Pops and MamaCruv. The photo you see here was taken in 2018 in front of the Lions Gate in Jerusalem, which is part of the inspiration for the ministry's name. Besides leading Lion's Gate Ministries, the Cruver Family serves as the flagship Host Family, living as examples of how meaningful it is to "adopt" a young adult. If you have an extra bedroom and would like to exercise your gift of hospitality, CONTACT US today to learn more!

2018 Lion's Gate Israel
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Join the Lion's Gate Team ...

There are many ways you can partner with us as an individual, group or business. You can PRAY, VOLUNTEER or GIVE! If you're not sure where to begin, just click "Contact Us" and we'd be glad to help!