Volunteer Descriptions

PRAYER TEAM: You can ask to be added to our private LGM Prayer Team Facebook Page for continuous updates, participate in monthly prayer meetings and/or receive prayer and praise updates via email. But, however you connect with us, please commit to PRAY for us daily!

HOST PARENT(S)/FAMILY: If you have an extra bedroom, prayerfully consider God's exhortation in Isaiah 58:7 "Share your food with the hungry, and give shelter to the homeless," as well as the words of Jesus in Matthew 25, "I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home." We have developed a thorough application, review and matching process of both Hosts and young adults in need. We invite you to meet with us to see how we've done it and explore this opportunity further! The need is great! The blessing is immeasurable!

MENTOR: Each Mentor will receive training so you are equipped and confident to successfully support and impact a life for Jesus! You will be matched with a same-gender young adult with similar interests and a compatible personality. Studies show that even checking in 1 hour each week can make a significant difference in a young person's life. Our hope is that you will desire and be able to spend a minimum of 1 hour each week with your Mentee. This is a one year commitment.

JOB TRAINING / INTERNSHIP: We are looking for professionals who can offer on-the-job training and/or internships to give young people exposure and experience in fields of interest. A small stipend would allow each participant to gain confidence in the marketplace and experience in budgeting as well as job experience for a resume. Ideally, an internship could last anywhere from one month to one year and you'd provide or arrange transportation for the young person.

LIFE SKILLS INSTRUCTOR: This covers just about anything for a person to live independently. Nutrition, fitness, meal planning, food preparation, laundry, basic home and car maintenance, budgeting, communication, stress management, first aid, marriage and parenting, basic computer, etc. Some skills may require a series of classes or just one workshop. If you especially enjoy or specialize in anything, we'd be thrilled to work with you on a plan!

PRISON TEAM: As an extension of LGM, we meet weekly with young men and women in Middlesex County Corrections. If you have a heart to reach out to this population, we have a special application from MCC for you to complete to be approved for this team. Our hope is that you can participate a minimum of once per month.

HOME MAINTENANCE: God has given us a LARGE and OLD house to maintain as LGM's flagship Host Family. If you are a licensed plumber, electrician, a carpenter, painter, etc. we could use your help to keep the home running smoothly. Come for a tour and see if you'd like to join us on a project or two!

LAWN / GARDEN: Our house serves as an example of what life can be like as a Host Family. It is nicely situated on nearly six acres made up of lawn, wooded wild spaces, formal gardens and a wonderful greenhouse - all in need of some TLC. Our desire is to become a beautiful and historic landmark in Bound Brook. We are creatively working alongside a herd of deer, foxes and other wildlife. Our dream is to have plenty of lawn space for play and community gatherings, while also creating some lovely spaces like: a prayer labyrinth, a formal flower and herb garden (for birds and pollinators), a children's play area, a permaculture food forest, a small picnic and party pavilion, and more! If you love the outdoors, plants, wildlife and getting dirty, we need you!!

OFFICE ASSISTANT: If you prefer a desk, filing, computers, forms and a cushy office chair, have we got some work for you! We can always use help processing paperwork, connecting with donors and volunteers, helping with our newsletter ... there's just so much to do to run a nonprofit ministry. Whatever time you can offer would be much appreciated!

TRANSPORTATION: If you have a vehicle and enjoy driving, we may need your help transporting some young adults to local programs, doctor appointments, interviews, shopping, etc. Simply let us know your availability.

SPECIAL EVENTS TEAM: We will be conducting fundraisers and hosting community connection events on and off our property. We need some great organizers, leaders and doers who will follow through with an Event from idea to followup. If Event planning is your thing, if you have experience (a plus!!), if you just like to be part of something FUN! Then, please, join this team!

TRAINED COUNSELOR: Young or old, we all could use a listening ear and someone who can help us process the bumps in life. The young people we will be working with will all get some time learning to process through wounds, anger, fear, grief ... everything that we all encounter here on planet earth. We want to offer them experienced professionals who can bring group workshops on topics like Grief, Dealing with Anger, Healthy Disagreements ... you name it. We also want them to participate in personal counseling specific to their own life experience. Our hope is to help them learn to be more self-aware as well as compassionate and skilled communicators and listeners.

FITNESS/NUTRITIONAL TRAINING: This was also mentioned in Life Skills, but we'd really like to emphasize the importance of a holistic approach to health. We don't just want to feed them well, and hand them a bar bell, but we want them to understand the "why" of whole foods eating and body care. So if strength training, cycling, running, swimming, golf (whatever!) and/or clean eating is your thing, please come share it with us!

MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: Whether you're a Dentist, Chiropractor, Physical Therapist, Naturopathic Doctor, Medical Doctor, ... whatever your specialty and training, maybe you can offer some free clinics and workshops, exams, support, etc.? If there is a creative way you can partner with us, we'd like to hear all about it!

ARTS: Ahhhh! and don't leave out dance, drama, painting, sculpture, music! These creative experiences speak so deeply to our hearts - so come do a workshop, a presentation, a concert, a mural, a mosaic. We love creativity!! So come explore and dream with us!

These are all just ideas we came up with. You may have more, so please share them with us! You can either click CONTACT US to reach out, or complete the VOLUNTEER form to get started today!